Light gauge roof trusses have proven to be an extremely cost-effective, totally non-combustible alternative to traditional roofing materials such as concrete, wood, and structural steel. As a result, building owners, architects, engineers, and contractors are turning to these strong, versatile construction products to deliver value to their roofing projects.

Lloyd Philips specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of light gauge steel trusses to meet any project need from conception to completion. With over 10 years of experience and reliability, we have put together a team of experienced designers, seasoned fabricators, and erectors to meet the ever-changing climate of building codes and construction needs in Nigeria.

Our light gauge steel roof trusses can meet the needs for a variety of building designs, roof slopes, and weather conditions—increasing

energy efficiency and lowering maintenance costs—resulting in an investment that will deliver returns for years to come!

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Our years of experience, quality of work and satisfaction of our clients are the tripartite building pillars of our business. Little wonder, then, that most of our business is generated from return customers or by word of mouth. Striving to adhere to our core values – integrity, safety, and quality – we have continually worked to provide our customers with an unparalleled roofing experience that is based on paying attention to all of the intricate details of your project.

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Whether it’s to roof a new warehouse; remove and dispose of asbestos sheeting; re-roof an entire shopping centre; or add the crowning glory to a bespoke new home, you can rely on Lloyd Philips Nigeria Limited to deliver quality throughout.

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